In our view, thoughtful and informed active management can help our clients achieve their long-term objectives. This is the way we’ve approached Stock management since 2020.

Our portfolio managers are given the freedom to develop their own individual approach, which is then documented and monitored by our independent product management team. The goal is to ensure that our approaches are managed in line with a deeply considered, proven philosophy that sets out exactly how the manager intends to identify opportunities and control risks.

Growth potential

Company's Future

Our integrated global investment platform fosters collaboration and allows our investment professionals to share ideas across geographies on a daily basis.

  • While stocks fluctuate, growth may help you keep ahead of inflation
  • Potentially generate income with dividends
  • Flexibility for long- and short-term investing strategies

Why Trade Stocks With Orizatech?

Our tools, info, and professional guidance mean you’ll never have to face the markets on your own.

  • Get market data and easy-to-read charts.
  • Use our stock screeners to find companies that fit into your portfolio
  • Trade quickly and easily with our stock ticker page

Exploring investment opportunities

The Team, in collaboration with the advisors in the Orizatech Network, which are selected and retained along with the sectors, seeks to identify potential control or co-control equity investments in companies with strong or improving market positions, a significant potential for top-line and earnings growth, and an engaged management team. In the middle-market segment, additional focus is on growth equity in the family- and entrepreneur-owned businesses, corporate orphans, and public-to-private transactions.

This work, in conjunction with opportunities originating from the Orizatech Advisors, ensures a strong pipeline of possible transactions. Targeted companies should have the potential for improvement and value creation by investing in growth, performance improvement, and active participation in industry consolidation through add-on acquisitions.

The typical equity investment opportunity in the large-cap segment ranges between EUR 125 million and EUR 1,200 million, and in the mid-cap segment between EUR 40 million and EUR 125 million.

The focus is on finding companies with underlying competitive advantages, such as operational excellence, unique brand qualities, and superior product characteristics – the essential building blocks of a strong market position. When assessing a company’s growth potential, an array of factors are considered, such as addressable market size, the potential for new products and geographical expansion, distribution channels, and customer satisfaction.

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