Real Estate

About our Global Real Estate business

Orizatech has managed the real estate since 2020 and is one of the largest investment managers in the real estate market. Our investment range allows our clients to access real estate through open-ended funds, listed REITs, specialist funds, joint ventures, separate accounts, and global real estate securities. As of 28 March 2021, Orizatech Real Estate manages £10 billion of real estate on behalf of a wide range of institutional and individual investors.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on consistent principles, invest in strong fundamentals, and actively manage real estate portfolios. Our research-led approach identifies themes and trends informing our strategies to invest in locations and assets best suited to long-term real estate investment. As a result, our portfolios are located in ‘Winning Cities’ and regions best suited to benefit from these trends. We are an active manager of real estate, each asset has an individual business plan and is actively managed throughout its life to generate the optimum return for our investors


We understand the importance and benefits of a sustainable approach to real estate investment. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is central to our investment approach and is integrated into the investment decision-making processes.

Attractive Long-term Returns

Commercial real estate has the ability to provide long-term returns through rental income, rental income growth and capital appreciation.


Real estate returns have a low correlation to broad equity markets and offer diversification benefits to existing equity and bond holdings.

Stable Income Profile

Rental income makes up the majority of long-term commercial real estate returns. Real estate typically offers a stable income return through the payment of rent over the length of the lease. An asset’s rental income may also provide inflation protection over the medium term.

Store Of Value

As a physical asset, real estate may act as a store of value. Compared to a bond or equity, a tenant default allows the landlord to replace them with a new tenant while value remains stored in the land or building. A bond or equity default may result in the entire loss of capital and income.

Real estate yields typically offer an attractive risk premium to long-term government bonds.

Maximising opportunities from direct and indirect real estate using our scale and presence across local markets. We have a deep understanding of real estate’s ability to provide a wide variety of investment opportunities. We believe the asset class is unrivalled in its ability to deliver enhanced portfolio diversification and strong risk-adjusted returns over the long term. We offer expertise across all principal real estate sectors – enabling our clients to target opportunities in their home market and globally. As one of the world’s largest real estate managers, we have the deal flow and resources to enable clients to access the whole real estate value chain at every stage of the market cycle. We have extensive experience in delivering, risk-adjusted returns from direct and indirect real estate, real estate multi-manager, listed real estate and real estate debt solutions for our real estate investors over the long term. With a significant presence in the market, we are ranked as one of the largest real estate managers globally. We have real estate professionals across the world covering investments, transactions and developments. They have a strong regional network of contacts and an ‘on-the-ground’ understanding of local market conditions. Our approach is global but implemented locally. The size of our real estate business combined with our presence in local markets makes us a key player globally. Agents approach us directly with investment opportunities that are often unavailable to smaller investors. We believe that our global reach allows us to uncover more investment opportunities that have the potential to enhance investors’ returns.

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