Orizatech LTD is an Assets Management firm, with a transatlantic focus on mid market infrastructure with a differentiated approach to deal sourcing.

Our economic infrastructure investment philosophy centres on our belief that infrastructure is a long-term asset class capable of delivering attractive, consistent returns to investors. Our approach is focused on:

  • Developing a long-term fund structure which is aligned with investors' objectives
  • Creating a portfolio of mid-market core/core+ infrastructure investments
  • Recognising the importance of effective asset management and stakeholder engagement
  • Clearly defining what constitutes core infrastructure within our target return range.

Company's Future

Our integrated global investment platform fosters collaboration and allows our investment professionals to share ideas across geographies on a daily basis.

  • While infrastructures fluctuate, growth may help you keep ahead of inflation
  • Potentially generate income with dividends
  • Flexibility for long- and short-term investing strategies


We invest in operational assets with limited or no construction risk. We target infrastructure investments in Europe and North America which are typically yielding from day one. We are attracted to the following investment characteristics:

  • Regulated assets or assets with a strong, contractual framework
  • Majority stakes or minority interests where we have appropriate governance rights.
  • Lower to mid-market assets in less competitive areas of the market.
  • Assets which provide essential services and have predictable cashflows
  • Lower risk assets that require limited operational development

Target Sectors Current Realised

Power / Transport / Utilities

Orizatech focuses on diverse infrastructure sectors of utility, power, transportation and digital. Orizatech is seeking low volatility assets that are either in the operational phase or in late stage construction projects that when complete exhibit traditional infrastructure characteristics. Basalt investments typically exhibit the following characteristics:

Low volatility; limited correlation with other asset classes
  • Regulated assets or assets with a strong, contractual framework
  • Operate on a largely uncorrelated cycle to other asset classes
  • Diversify even the most mature portfolio
Sustainable long-term, inflation-linked cash-flows
  • Predictable long-term cash flows; typically with medium to long term contracts
  • Stable, inflation linked revenues
  • Low market risk
High operating margins
  • Relatively low on-going variable operational and maintenance expenses
High barriers to entry
  • Capital intensive assets which limit the number of natural competitors
  • Strong operational experience needed to successfully manage assets
Provision of essential services
  • Foundation for basic, irreplaceable public services, sometimes regulated
  • Benefit from relatively inelastic demand
Opportunity for de-risking
  • Provide the scope for Orizatech de-risking of cash flows over hold period

Trusted Partnerships

We are a trusted partner in projects across a wide range of technologies including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, power transmission, waste to energy and biomass, and energy storage. We are known for execution certainty, and our projects are completed on budget and to specification. Our investments in energy infrastructure assets are long-term and on track to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors and a green and efficient energy system for the benefit of local communities across the globe. In Orizatech, we enable the modern energy transition, while we build value for our investors, developers, and local communities.

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