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An entrepreneurial spirit, operational approach and a high sense of urgency are the most central characteristics of Orizatech and mirrors well the values and strong corporate culture. Orizatech has an enduring commitment to responsible investment and has since inception had a multi-stakeholder approach, with the original concept from Orizatech.

This concept still embodies the fundamental mindset that defines our activities and active ownership approach. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for future proofing company, orizatech continues to further incorporate the long-term ownership philosophy of the Founder.


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Identifying trends in orizatech research department, we keep an eye on diverse market.


Our research reports feature a wide range of countries and regions, wherein we proactively track the issues and trends that affect economies as well as industries and markets. We have a team dedicated to each of the areas we cover and they demonstrate an incomparable ability to generate original insight that can help clients make better investment decisions.

Analytical Professionals.

Our curious team of investment analysts constantly seeks out new opportunities for clients with insightful commentary on the prevailing macroeconomic and financial market environment.

Value Investing

By focusing on assets' intrinsic value, we protect clients' investments against periods of misjudged market pessimism or euphoria.

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Orizatech Shareholding

We take great pride in more than $21 billion in shareholder capital on behalf of over 40,000 retail investors as of 20th January 2021 and these figures increases dialy. This is partnered with our philanthropic initiatives, including creating and supporting the Future Generation companies, which see us actively contributing to our community.

Our Team

Javier Mateo

Financial Analyst

Javier Mateo is responsible for the analysis and reporting of financial information to help determine budgets for upcoming projects, Analysing current and past financial data,Looking at current financial performance and identifying trends, Preparing reports on the above information and communicating the insights of these reports to the wider business, Consulting with the management team to develop long-term commercial plans, Suggesting budgets and improvements based on the above information, Exploring different investment opportunities, Developing financial models and providing financial forecasts, Developing initiatives and policies that may improve financial growth.

Burne Orman


Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Orizatech Ltd, he has been in charge of the company which today has approximately 1050 employees worldwide.. He is also involved in originating investment opportunities in the North West and South West of the UK. 
A business management graduate of Northwestern University. 
Chief Executive Officer of Orizatech 2021, he has since expanded the company internationally with our own people on-site in Luxembourg, UK, and Ireland, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries. 
Mr. Burne Orman has worked in the private equity industry as a principal and management team advisor for over 11 years before takeover as the CEO of Orizatech Ltd

Daniel Miguel

Chief investment officer(CIO)

Chief investment officer of Orizatech ltd . He is responsible for overall risk management, financial planning and reporting, financial control, SEC compliance, taxation, and investor relations for Orizatech Ltd. Daniel joined Orizatech since the launch having previously held positions with Blackrock. He graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2006 with a degree in Economics and Management and is also a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Lecia Troy

Head of Capital Market (HCM)

Lecia Troy joined Orizatech since the launch, is part of the investment team, and involved in deal origination, deal execution, portfolio management and trading account management . She particularly focusses on originating investment activities in the South West and the South East. Prior to joining Orizatech, lecia worked as a corporate finance advisor specializing in advising private equity investors and banks. She previously worked at Capital group management. Lecia leads our ESG strategy and is responsible for implementing this within our portfolio companies and wider business. Lecia is a chartered accountant, A graduate from the University of Sheffield


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Established in 2020, we are an independently owned investment firm based in the UK. Today, Orizatech is comprised of 898 investment professionals with investment experience for more than 15 years.


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Like the online stock trading revolution of the 1990s, the Internet has brought forex trading within reach of the average person sitting at home.

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