Ambitious Investment

Investing in opportunities. For you. For good.

We invest more than $3.5 billion in diverse markets and global growth companies on behalf of over 40,000 shareholders. We also make a difference in the community, primarily as an advocate for retail investors and as the creator and lead supporter of the Future Generation companies.

We analyse global markets with discipline and focus, and employ a range of strategies in an effort to deliver market-leading investment returns to our capital partners. We empower the most talented minds in finance with an unparalleled combination of deep fundamental research, predictive analytics, and leading-edge technology to identify and capture new opportunities. Our world-class global team brings together the art of investing with the science of finance to help our capital partners achieve their financial goals. We drive our mission through a culture of excellence: constantly improving, continuously learning, rewarding results, and winning with integrity.

This principle may be split into dimensions: - All investments are made in a way to ensure that the requirements in terms of quality, safety, liquidity, yield and disposability for the aggregate investment portfolio are fulfilled.

Growing in the right direction

Established in 2020 , we are an independently owned investment firm based in UK. Today, Orizatech is comprised of 898 investment professionals with investment experience for more than 15 years.

We take great pride in more than $21 billion in shareholder capital on behalf of over 40,000 retail investors as at 20th January 2021 and this figures increases on a daily basis. This is partnered with our philanthropic initiatives, including creating and supporting the Future Generation companies, see us actively contributing to our community.

Navigating your path to prosperity

Experience is critical to successful investing. We are proactive, think clearly and undertake rigorous and diligent research.
We are driven towards identifying undervalued growth companies and scouring the market for mis-pricing opportunities to deliver superior returns for our shareholders. Our history of returns speaks for itself.

Our reputation is built on trust

We take an active approach to engaging with our shareholders, both in terms of ongoing performance, and timely insights. Naturally, this is dependent on our shareholders – some of whom just prefer the occasional email. Others prefer to keep in touch more regularly. We provide:

  • Periodic investors update from our Lead Portfolio Managers
  • Regular market news and investment insights
  • Annual and half yearly profits announcements
  • Semi-annual shareholder briefings
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